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The Designer

Christiane King is a Los Angeles-based Fashion designer and Illustrator, known for her exceptional creations that have adorned the screens of hit TV shows and the wardrobes of Hollywood's elite, such as Kaley Cuoco, Venus and Serena Williams, Teri Hatcher, Ashley Tisdale, among others. 

Christiane's love for nature and particularly flowers have influenced her women's wear collections and illustrations. Her eye-catching designs reflect her fascination with the beauty and grace of nature. In her own words, "Flowers are the poetry of earth. They bring joy, color, and life to our surroundings. I try to capture that essence in my designs, whether it's through the intricate details on a dress or the vibrant colors on a scarf."

Before devoting her talents to bringing beautiful ideas to life through illustrations and women's wear designs, Christiane served as the creative force behind music mogul P. Diddy's eponymous clothing line, Sean John.

She has also collaborated with Hollywood studios such as Disney, Universal, and Warner Brothers, creating movie and TV show-focused collections for kids that were sold to major retailers and departments across the US for over a decade.

Born in the Cote d'Ivoire, West Africa, Christiane obtained a Bachelor's degree in International Trade in the capital city of Abidjan before moving to Paris and later settling in Los Angeles. Her exposure to Ivorian, French, and American cultures has significantly influenced her fashion sense.  Christiane earned a Bachelor's degree in Fashion Design from Woodbury University in Los Angeles, where she also received the "Rising Star Award" from her Alma Mater. 

Besides her remarkable work in the fashion industry, Christiane King has expanded her creativity by offering her unique illustrations on items such as mugs, journals, scarves and more. Her eye-catching designs are a testament to her versatility and artistic talent.

Furthermore, Christiane has made it her mission to share her wealth of knowledge in the world of fashion and illustration. She now offers teaching and mentorship programs for aspiring creatives looking to grow their skills and pursue their passions. Her dedication to education and helping others reach their potential is a true testament to her character as an accomplished designer and inspiring individual.

Christiane now resides in Calabasas, California, with her husband and two sons and continues to embrace the exciting journey in the world of Fashion and Entertainment.